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    2017 [ to top ]

    • Ziegler, S., Weiss, E., Schmitt, A.-L., Schlegel, J., Burgert, A., Terpitz, U., Sauer, M., Moretta, L., Sivori, S., Leonhardt, I., Kurzai, O., Einsele, H., Loeffler, J.: CD56 Is a Pathogen Recognition Receptor on Human Natural Killer Cells. Scientific Reports. 7, 6138-- (2017).
    • Burgert, A., Schlegel, J., Bécam, J., Doose, S., Bieberich, E., Schubert-Unkmeir, A., Sauer, M.: Characterization of Plasma Membrane Ceramides by Super-Resolution Microscopy. Angewandte Chemie. (2017).
    • Memmel, S., Sisario, D., Zöller, C., Fiedler, V., Katzer, A., Heiden, R., Becker, N., Eing, L., Ferreira, F.L.R., Zimmermann, H., Sauer, M., Flentje, M., Sukhorukov, V.L., Djuzenova, C.S.: Migration pattern, actin cytoskeleton organization and response to PI3K-, mTOR-, and Hsp90-inhibition of glioblastoma cells with different invasive capacities. Oncotarget. Advance Publications, (2017).
    • Sauer, M., Heilemann, M.: Single-Molecule Localization Microscopy in Eukaryotes. Chem. Rev. (2017).

    2016 [ to top ]

    • Dugar, G., Svensson, S.L., Bischler, T., Wäldchen, S., Reinhardt, R., Sauer, M., Sharma, C.M.: The CsrA-FliW network controls polar localization of the dual-function flagellin mRNA in Campylobacter jejuni. Nature Communications. 7, 11667-- (2016).
    • Niehorster, T., Loschberger, A., Gregor, I., Kramer, B., Rahn, H.-J., Patting, M., Koberling, F., Enderlein, J., Sauer, M.: Multi-target spectrally resolved fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy. Nat Meth. advance online publication, (2016).
    • Yadav, P., Selvaraj, B.T., Bender, F.L.P., Behringer, M., Moradi, M., Sivadasan, R., Dombert, B., Blum, R., Asan, E., Sauer, M., Julien, J.-P., Sendtner, M.: Neurofilament depletion improves microtubule dynamics via modulation of Stat3/stathmin signaling. Acta Neuropathologica. 132, 93--110 (2016).
    • Markert, S.M., Britz, S., Proppert, S., Lang, M., Witvliet, D., Mulcahy, B., Sauer, M., Zhen, M., Bessereau, J.-L., Stigloher, C.: Filling the gap: adding super-resolution to array tomography for correlated ultrastructural and molecular identification of electrical synapses at the C. elegans connectome. Neurophotonics. 3, 041802--041802 (2016).
    • Collenburg, L., Walter, T., Burgert, A., Müller, N., Seibel, J., Japtok, L., Kleuser, B., Sauer, M., Schneider-Schaulies, S.: A Functionalized Sphingolipid Analogue for Studying Redistribution during Activation in Living T Cells. The Journal of Immunology. 196, 3951--3962 (2016).
    • Mateos-Gil, P., Letschert, S., Doose, S., Sauer, M.: Super-resolution imaging of plasma membrane proteins with click chemistry. Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology. 4, 98-- (2016).
    • Franke, C., Sauer, M., van de Linde, S.: Photometry unlocks 3D information from 2D localization microscopy data. Nat Meth. advance online publication, (2016).
    • Maric, H.M., Hausrat, T.J., Neubert, F., Dalby, N.O., Doose, S., Sauer, M., Kneussel, M., Stromgaard, K.: Gephyrin-binding peptides visualize postsynaptic sites and modulate neurotransmission. Nat Chem Biol. advance online publication, (2016).

    2015 [ to top ]

    • Hennig, S., van de Linde, S., Bergmann, S., Huser, T., Sauer, M.: Quantitative Super-Resolution Microscopy of Nanopipette-Deposited Fluorescent Patterns. ACS Nano. 9, 8122--8130 (2015).
    • von Eyss, B., Jaenicke, L. A., Kortlever, R. M., Royla, N., Wiese, K. E., Letschert, S., McDuffus, L.-A., Sauer, M., Rosenwald, A., Evan, G. I., Kempa, S., Eilers, M.: A MYC-Driven Change in Mitochondrial Dynamics Limits YAP/TAZ Function in Mammary Epithelial Cells and Breast Cancer. Cancer Cell. 28, 743--757 (2015).
    • Grimm, J.B., Klein, T., Kopek, B.G., Shtengel, G., Hess, H.F., Sauer, M., Lavis, L.D.: Synthesis of a Far-Red Photoactivatable Silicon-Containing Rhodamine for Super-Resolution Microscopy. Angewandte Chemie. n/a--n/a (2015).
    • Werner, C., Pauli, M., Doose, S., Weishaupt, A., Haselmann, H., Grünewald, B., Sauer, M., Heckmann, M., Toyka, K.V., Asan, E., Sommer, C., Geis, C.: Human autoantibodies to amphiphysin induce defective presynaptic vesicle dynamics and composition. Brain. (2015).
    • Wäldchen, S., Lehmann, J., Klein, T., van de Linde, S., Sauer, M.: Light-induced cell damage in live-cell super-resolution microscopy. Scientific Reports. 5, 15348-- (2015).
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    • Schneider, J., Klein, T., Mielich-Süss, B., Koch, G., Franke, C., Kuipers, O.P., Kovács, Á.T., Sauer, M., Lopez, D.: Spatio-temporal Remodeling of Functional Membrane Microdomains Organizes the Signaling Networks of a Bacterium. PLoS Genet. 11, e1005140-- (2015).

    2014 [ to top ]

    • Andreska, T., Aufmkolk, S., Sauer, M., Blum, R.: High abundance of BDNF within glutamatergic presynapses of cultured hippocampal neurons. Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience. 8, (2014).
    • van de Linde, S., Sauer, M.: How to switch a fluorophore: from undesired blinking to controlled photoswitching. Chem. Soc. Rev. 2014. 43(4), 1076-1087 (2014).
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    • Mehlitz, A., Karunakaran, K., Herweg, J.-A., Krohne, G., van de Linde, S., Rieck, E., Sauer, M., Rudel, T.: The chlamydial organism Simkania negevensis forms ER vacuole contact sites and inhibits ER-stress. Cellular Microbiology. n/a--n/a (2014).
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    2013 [ to top ]

    • Kolesinska, B., Podwysocka, D.J., Rueping, M.A., Seebach, D., Kamena, F., Walde, P., Sauer, M., Windschiegl, B., Meyer-Ács, M., Vor der Brüggen, M., Giehring, S.: Permeation through Phospholipid Bilayers, Skin-Cell Penetration, Plasma Stability, and CD Spectra of α- and β-Oligoproline Derivatives. Chemistry & Biodiversity. 10, 1--38 (2013).
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    2012 [ to top ]

    • Löschberger, A., van de Linde, S., Dabauvalle, M.-C., Rieger, B., Heilemann, M., Krohne, G., Sauer, M.: Super-resolution imaging visualizes the eightfold symmetry of gp210 proteins around the nuclear pore complex and resolves the central channel with nanometer resolution. Journal of Cell Science. 125, 570-575 (2012).
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    2011 [ to top ]

    • van de Linde, S., Loschberger, A., Klein, T., Heidbreder, M., Wolter, S., Heilemann, M., Sauer, M.: Direct stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy with standard fluorescent probes. Nat. Protocols. 6, 991--1009 (2011).
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    2010 [ to top ]

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    2009 [ to top ]

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    2008 [ to top ]

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    2007 [ to top ]

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    2006 [ to top ]

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